My current roadmap

I’m new to web development, but where am I going? 🧭 Yes, I do have some idea. I’m following The Odin Project curriculum, which focuses on full stack web development. I plan to complete the JavaScript track and projects and have practical skills in JS, HTML, CSS, NodeJS, and React.

What specialty or niche am I interested in? I’m very interested in:

  • Web 3.0,
  • blockchain,
  • dApps, and
  • smart contracts.

I feel that this part of the tech industry is just getting started and there will be many employment opportunities in the next decade. So, to branch out after The Odin Project, I want to look at Hardhat, ethers.js, and Solidity.

Hack-a-thons and Game Jams are other ways that I will look to build more skills and network with more developers. But right now I’m focused on progressing through The Odin Project curriculum. Let’s go! 🙌