Carrying on with Node.js

Last week I started applying for developer positions. 🙌  There are so many out there! The employment situation looks very promising and I definitely feel that I made the right decision to invest my time and energy into learning this profession.

Right now I’m mainly focused on front-end roles because that’s what I am the most comfortable with and feel as though I can begin contributing right away. Although, with the programming principles I’ve learned by designing, planning, and implementing my personal projects so far, (and not just coding along with tutorials), I believe that I could pick up new frameworks and/or technologies fairly quickly. 😃

And, to keep moving towards becoming a well-rounded, versatile developer I’m building projects on the back-end track in Node.js, Express.js, and MongoDB.

Code => Browse jobs => Apply for jobs => Repeat

I’ll keep you posted! 🎯