Reactions to React

I started learning ⚛️ ReactJS recently. It’s a pretty big deal in the modern web development scene! It is pretty cool, I like the idea of components and their reusability. Things start to come together fast! Definitely a nice change from all of the intensive DOM manipulation in plain JavaScript. (Re: my To-Do List app 😅).

Although, it did take me a bit to wrap my head around the syntax and using props and state, especially with class components and this. I’ve found using functional components to be a lot more straightforward and intuitive. The React docs are excellent – very helpful and easy to follow. I’m glad that I have strong JavaScript and HTML bases to build from, otherwise I think I’d be up the creek.

I also found this podcast episode, Getting hooked on React, to be helpful for cementing some of the concepts and lingo in my head.

Tomorrow I’ll start on another sweet project for my portfolio, an online store with a shopping cart, written in React and plain CSS. Hmmm, what should we buy??